Friday, July 22, 2011

Tips To Look (And Stay) Cool In Your Wedding Tuxedo

It's hot out there right now.  Unbearably hot. And most brides didn't know it would be this hot one year ago when they planned their outdoor wedding in the backyard with no trees for shade, or their perfect beach wedding, with a beautifully appointed minimalist altar right on the water, the hot sand radiating and reflecting the sun's rays.  And even if they did know and planned the date anyway, you - as a groom - would have had little power to change it.  So here are some tips and ideas to beat the heat and stay cool in your wedding tux.

  1. Wear antiperspirant.  NOT deodorant.  Yes they are different. Use it liberally, and not only under your arms.

  2. Wear an undershirt.  It may sound counterintuitive, but it really does help to keep your tuxedo shirt dry, which will help immensely to prevent sweat stains when you take your tuxedo coat off (which hopefully will be later during the reception, and not during the ceremony.)  If you have a moisture-wicking undershirt, even better.  Plus, if you didn't get in that last workout before the wedding, there's Spanx for men (yes it's true).  These undershirts will make you look slimmer, and feel more confident (providing you can get them over your head). 

  3. Keep yourself hyrdated.  Drink plenty of water.

  4. If you're having an outdoor ceremony, consider having electric fans at the altar.  Do not make your groomsmen fan you as if you are an Egyption king.

  5. Wear appropriate attire.  Check out our blog post on summer tuxedos and skip the black tuxedo - it will retain heat and make you look and feel hotter.

  6. Make sure you have an extra handkerchief (not the one in the pocket of your tuxedo) to wipe the sweat off your face if need be.  Don't wipe your bride's face if you see a cute drop of sweat running down the side of her face.  You may smudge her makeup and she will kill you.

  7. You can get Botox.  We are not recommending this. But people do it. Especially Hollywood types.  


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