Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Weddings Tuxedos and Tips Redux

We previously blogged here about tuxedo and formal wear tips and ideas for summer weddings.  But, here is some additional information regarding summer weddings that we hope you will find useful.

Last year, Be Stylish! did a great post entitled "Are Gray Tuxedos Stylish," which we think has some great thoughts on the gray tuxedo, especially for summer weddings. 

While we tend to be a bit more conservative, and generally recommend wearing a white shirt and bringing in color with a vest and bowtie, like in the picture you see to the left, we have to agree with the post's conclusion that:

The absolute best part about gray tuxedos is that you can wear a shirt in almost any color with it, no matter how vivid. You can go for white, pink, beige or even light green
So, if you are looking to mix things up a little, a gray tux may be just the thing for you! Our advice, though, would be to skip the colored pocket handkerchief if you're wearing a colored shirt - that look has a tendency to come off cheesy rather than individualistic and quirky (quirky in a good way, meaning unconventional). Rather, wear a white pocket square, and it will make the shirt really pop.

Also, a summertime wedding is the perfect time to debut a new 'do and a new you with your new boo.'s Daniel Billett recently did a great article on short hairstyles for men, perfect for the summer. It's got pictures of a lot of different hairstyles, as well as a lot of good information on how to achieve them. If you're looking for a new haircut, you should definitely check it out.

By the way, if you're ATTENDING a summer wedding as a guest, Dappered has a GREAT post about what to wear, depending on what the groom is wearing and what the invitation states, be it black tie, black tie invited, etc. Follow their advice and you are guaranteed to be outfitted perfectly.

We hope you have a good July 4th weekend!

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