Friday, May 13, 2011

Guys - Look Your Best for Prom Photos

There are a lot of articles out there about how girls can look their best in photos.  For example, and

But we really couldn't find that much information for guys.  So, we put together our thoughts: 

Well fitting clothes will ensure
you look your best

Before the photo is taken:
  • Wear a tux that fits.  If your clothes are too tight or too loose, you'll look off.  For your shirt, you should be able to slip two fingers between the buttoned collar and your neck.  Next, pull your pants up, it's a formal occasion.  And the sleeves of your tux should end so that some of the shirt underneath shows.

    Don't be afraid to use a little
    product in your hair
  • Yes, you should probably get a haircut.  But don't do it right before prom - do it at least a week before, even two would be good.  Some say the faux hawk is out.  We say, if you like it, go for it.  Is anyone going to argue with this guy?

  • Make sure you bring plenty of mints.  No, your bad breath won't show up in a photo.  Yes, it will show up in the disgusted look your date is making.

    Don't forget to smile!

While the photo is being taken:

    Have fun!  It's Prom!
  • Relax, it's just a picture. Stand up straight, but don't be unnecessarily stiff. Keep your chin down, chest out, shoulders back.  But not too much. You don't want to look posed.

  • Smile.  If you read the article above, by now you've perfected it.  Don't try to look like a thug if you aren't. 

  • Yes, you can touch your date.  Don't be awkward, you'll end up looking like Napolean Dynamite.

  • Have fun.  That's what this night is all about, isn't it?

After the photo is taken:

  • Don't worry if the photo didn't turn out well. There will be plenty more opportunities for you to dress up and get photographed.  Use this as a learning experience, and make sure next time it turns out better. And it probably isn't as bad as these:

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